Office Lobby & Floor Directories
Our VS Lobby System directories are not only clean and easy to read they also present cost certainty for the owner as the messaged tenant inserts are quick and easy to change on site. Below is an overview of some of the more popular VS Lobby directories we can provide to our clients.
Custom main lobby directory with backplate and Ice Cube acrylic letters
VS600-27P Floor Directory, with one silver element divider, 7strip plus header floor directory
VS500-20P Floor Directory with two silver elements, 5 strip plus header floor directory 
VSF500-20P Main Lobby Directory (flat) with 6 strips plus header 
VS800 & VS600 Floor Directories, with silver element 
VS800 Free Standing Main Directory with 40mm silver element divider
Custom main floor directory 36 strip plus header, with glass reception sign to the left 
Custom main lobby directory with glass faceplate on standoffs
VS300 Lobby Directory
VS500 Lobby Directory 
Innerface Lobby Directory
Custom Glass Lobby Directory