Office Reception Signs - Dimensional Letters
As your client enters your office or exits the elevator on to your floor, an effective reception sign using dimensional 3D lettering can be your client's first visual connection with your company. A clean, elegant reception sign is an important part of marketing plan for your company. The most popular reception signs are made out of  solid aluminum, acrylic or printed logos installed on to a tempered glass back plate and installed on the reception wall. 
1/4" thick "Ice Cube" Acrylic Dimensional Letters, pin mount on 1/4" offsets
3/8" thick Painted Acrylic Dimensional Letters
with 1/4" thick tagline 
1" thick Painted Aluminum Dimensional Letters, pin mounted
1/4" thick Painted Acrylic Dimensional Letters, pin mounted with 1/8" offsets 
1/4" thick acrylic,printed and contour cut dimensional letters
3/8" thick solid brushed aluminum dimensional letter reception sign , flush mounted to wall
1/4" thick Ice Cube Acrylic dimensional letters
1/4" solid brushed aluminum dimensional letters, flush mounted to wall 
1/4" painted acrylic dimensional letter reception sign, pin and flush mounted letters