Suspended Directional Signage
At times wall space can be at a premium, this is where our suspended  signage systems would be an asset. With our suspended signage system, our clients have a clean, light weight suspended directional signage option for their site. When installed with our airline wire system or hardware into the ceiling, our suspended signage system can have a clean elegant look to directional signage.
Painted two sided hanging sign
Size: 6 x 24
VS300-78L Two sided curved hanging sign, with changeable insert
Size: 12" x 78"
VS300-48L Two sided curved hanging sign, with changeable insert 
Suspended  plexi directional signage
Size 10" x 45"
VS150-24L Tenant Suspended Door Sign
Size: 6" x 24"
Printed plexi directional signage
Size 10" x 45"